Getting ready for the hurricane

27 Aug

As Hurricane Irene makes her way up the east coast, many are preparing or have prepared by stocking up in advance or coming up with emergency plans. With me, I’ve filled up any and every empty plastic and Sigg bottle and pitcher I could find with water.  I’ve brought out the large umbrella, Columbia rain jacket and rain boots in case I’ve got to go outside to take out the dog to potty or pick up some tree branch debris.  Also got out the extra batteries and flashlights, charged the cell phones and stocked up on food.

Depending where you live, you could still run out to Walmart or Dick’s Sporting Goods to get last minute stuff.  The best thing you could do though is stay indoors, but if you have to run out real quick, here’s some things you may want to get to keep you dry.

Umbrella, Walmart

Columbia Raincoat, Dick's Sporting Goods

Rainboots, Walmart

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