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Anthropologie Sale: Freshly Cut

8 Jan

Selective Shopping
One of my resolutions this year is to find purchases that add value to my existing wardrobe as opposed to purchasing whole new outfits which I have done in the past.  Right now I’m loving that Anthropologie has a pretty vast selection in their clearance section Freshly Cut. I don’t have a big budget and even their mark-downs are pretty pricy. Since I’m an 80/20 Rule person where I don’t buy anything wardrobe-wise unless I plan to use it 80% of the time, I could use a few accessories or choice items to round out the wardrobe I already have. Here are a couple picks I added to my wishlist:

Merriment Beaded Top $59.95

Merriment Beaded Top

Printed Tuxedo Tee $39.95

Printed Tuxedo Tee

Personal Style
My style these days is minimalist cozy. I’m a mom on the go and don’t have time to primp to perfection. Five minutes and I’m out the door! I already have a minimalist wardrobe. I just need a few items to update it a bit, keep it relevant so I could put my best foot forward in my work. Cuz if I’m feeling good, everyone’s feeling good!

Anthro Styling Service
One thing I would like to try is Antrhopologie’s personal styling service. If you go onto their website, there’s an ad for it and it looks like it’s FREE (at least the first session). I’ve done a Google search and found one blogger who was able to relate her experience here. I haven’t seen anything more recent so that should be a future blog post coming from yours truly.

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Anthro sale items $100 and under

25 Oct

Tuesday marks yet another sale day at Anthropologie. Check out these fabulous finds for less:

Anthro for $100 or less

Polka dot blouse
$50 – anthropologie.com

Polka dot blouse
$50 – anthropologie.com

Cinched Ponte Pencil
$50 – anthropologie.com

Leifsdottir ballerina flat
$100 – anthropologie.com

Shoulder sling bag
$80 – anthropologie.com

25% off new fall sweaters

13 Sep

From now through Sunday, Sept. 18, Anthropologie is offering new fall sweaters at 25% off.
Check out these finds for $66 and under.

Anthro Sweater Sale

$66 – anthropologie.com

Pullover sweater
$59 – anthropologie.com

Ribbed sweater
$66 – anthropologie.com

Cocoon cardigan
$66 – anthropologie.com

Cable sweater
$66 – anthropologie.com

Cotton sweater
$66 – anthropologie.com

Two-Ways Pullover
$51 – anthropologie.com

Anthropologie Sale

6 Sep

Anthropologie usually marks down their merchandise every Tuesday.  Being in the remote part of the ‘burbs, the nearest Anthro from where I live is about an hour away. (Wah-wah.) When I lived in NYC and near Boston there was usually one right near my home. Oh well. Anyway, thank goodness for the internet! What would we do without it. This month of September there’s free shipping provided I pay for one full price item which I could easily find in the kitchen or candle section.  I could probably get something for under $10 to use as a last minute gift for someone.  Anyway, if I were at a store and was able to try on everything, here are some of the things I’d look at first.

Anthropologie Sale

$60 – anthropologie.com

Summer t shirt
$20 – anthropologie.com

V neck t shirt
$20 – anthropologie.com

Linen pants
$60 – anthropologie.com

Cotton skirt
$50 – anthropologie.com

$180 – anthropologie.com

$60 – anthropologie.com

Cuff bracelet
$100 – anthropologie.com

$20 – anthropologie.com

Sweet Swirls Measuring Cups
$15 – anthropologie.com
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Anthro Transitional Ensemble

2 Sep

I’m loving that Anthro has a sale! This outfit has many of the individual fall neutral pieces you could mix and match with your current wardrobe. If you’re not into white after Labor Day, you could always pair the silk blouse with dark jeans and the brown high heels. The scarf and earrings add a splash of color. The shoulder bag is neutral enough to go with many things in your closet.  You could dress it up with a chic cashmere sweater or make it more casual with a button down flannel.

Anthro Transitional Ensemble

Silk blouse
$40 – anthropologie.com

High heels
$50 – anthropologie.com

Patent leather handbag
$120 – anthropologie.com

Indian jewelry
$20 – anthropologie.com

Wool scarve
$20 – anthropologie.com

Segmented Shades
$20 – anthropologie.com
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