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New sale items in Fresh Cuts

21 Aug

Anthropologie’s Fresh Cuts section has merchandise marked down to about 50% off.  Check out these cute sale items!

Spirited Peasant Top, $40

Gem Chroma T-Straps, $80

Hue-Piped Ballerinas, $50

Silk Road Mosaic Tee, $40

Novella Strapless Dress, $80


Anthropologie Duckie Rainboots found on Zappos, Not as Expected Though

11 Aug

So I finally found those Anthropologie Chooka rain flats I coveted back in March! (See previous post here.) They’re on Zappos for only $48! Alas, the size 7 was too big and I know size 6 would be too small :(. I’m a true 6 1/2 and never do well with full sizes. Also, the quality wasn’t as expected. I planned to use them for gardening and walking the dog in the rain. I was hoping for sturdy L.L. Bean quality but these are more for fashion and just look cute. I wanted to love these but didn’t work out that way. They had to be returned, otherwise I know in my heart I’d only use them maybe 20% of the time. Right now, I’m doing the Glam Save Style challenge where I purge my dated, unused clothing clutter, keep what gets the most wear and only buy quality items I plan to use 80% of the time. Anything not used at least 80% of the time gets the boot (no pun intended).

It doesn’t help too – the pictures really exaggerate what you want to believe in an online product. My fault though for not trying them on first. They didn’t have this product in the Anthro store near me to try on though. And the quality looked really good, but shame on me for not looking at advertising with a jaundiced eye and falling for the whole “Only 1 left in stock” in red caps for my size further enticing to buy the product. Lesson learned!

50% off Friday only!

24 Nov

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I’m looking forward to the Black Friday Sale.  I’m not one to wake up early for any retailer but I may make an exception for the Anthro store and check out their goods at 6am.  Better yet I’ll check out the Anthro site at 12AM and see what they’ve got!  Happy Shopping!

Anthro Finds $300 and Under

19 Nov

Anthro has some great markdowns on clothing and accessories to keep you warm and toasty! This Dipped Nougat Coat with cape-like silhouette got marked down from $428 to $300. This camel hat went from $138 to $80. I’m loving these half-off motorcycle boots ($130) for that rocker chic look or something to add edginess to floral dresses or flowy shirts.

$300 and under

Cape coat
$300 – anthropologie.com

Buckle boots
$130 – anthropologie.com

Leifsdottir leather shoulder handbag
$100 – anthropologie.com

Brim hat
$80 – anthropologie.com

Sheer scarve
$48 – anthropologie.com

$4 Kitchenware

9 Nov

It’s rare to find anything cheap at Anthropologie. For those times where I don’t want to leave the store empty handed but am short on cash, I head for the kitchen section or scour their sale section for marked down kitchenware. The Lotus bowl is one of my favorites. I have several of them and find them useful for organizing make-up and toiletries. I also have one at my entry table where I leave my keys. For those items I’ve left the store with but have no use for, I’d always held onto them for future gifts which were almost always a hit.$4 Finds from Anthro Home

Lotus Bowl
$4 – anthropologie.com

Carnival Vase
$3.95 – anthropologie.com

Carnival Vase, Tall
$3.95 – anthropologie.com

Pastoral Canvas Salad plate
$3.95 – anthropologie.com

Pastoral Canvas Dinnerware
$3.95 – anthropologie.com

L’Epice Jar
$4 – anthropologie.com

Pompom Mug
$3.95 – anthropologie.com

Travel accessories for less

3 Nov

One could expect a lot of holiday travel this season. With traveling comes packing and personally I prefer to travel light. Rather than stock my luggage with bulky sweaters and jackets, I plan on wearing my heavier outfits, packing only the neutral basics and some accessories.  I’m excited that Anthro’s marked down some accessories.  What I love about accessories is that they take the least amount of luggage space.  I don’t mind having more of them to change out when creating different outfit options.  One day I could wear a necklace with a black or grey top, the next day I could swap it out for a scarf.  The yellow wallet could be used as a clutch rather than a wallet.  As for toiletries, no need to carry around a big perfume bottle when the solid perfume will do – and take up less room of course.

Untitled #14

Leather bag
$50 – anthropologie.com

Leather bag
$50 – anthropologie.com

Facets jewelry
$20 – anthropologie.com

Metal jewelry
$20 – anthropologie.com

14k jewelry
$20 – anthropologie.com

Slimmer belt
$10 – anthropologie.com

Viscose shawl
$80 – anthropologie.com

Soap & Paper Factory Solid Perfume
$9.95 – anthropologie.com

Anthro sale items $100 and under

25 Oct

Tuesday marks yet another sale day at Anthropologie. Check out these fabulous finds for less:

Anthro for $100 or less

Polka dot blouse
$50 – anthropologie.com

Polka dot blouse
$50 – anthropologie.com

Cinched Ponte Pencil
$50 – anthropologie.com

Leifsdottir ballerina flat
$100 – anthropologie.com

Shoulder sling bag
$80 – anthropologie.com

25% off new fall sweaters

13 Sep

From now through Sunday, Sept. 18, Anthropologie is offering new fall sweaters at 25% off.
Check out these finds for $66 and under.

Anthro Sweater Sale

$66 – anthropologie.com

Pullover sweater
$59 – anthropologie.com

Ribbed sweater
$66 – anthropologie.com

Cocoon cardigan
$66 – anthropologie.com

Cable sweater
$66 – anthropologie.com

Cotton sweater
$66 – anthropologie.com

Two-Ways Pullover
$51 – anthropologie.com

Anthropologie Sale

6 Sep

Anthropologie usually marks down their merchandise every Tuesday.  Being in the remote part of the ‘burbs, the nearest Anthro from where I live is about an hour away. (Wah-wah.) When I lived in NYC and near Boston there was usually one right near my home. Oh well. Anyway, thank goodness for the internet! What would we do without it. This month of September there’s free shipping provided I pay for one full price item which I could easily find in the kitchen or candle section.  I could probably get something for under $10 to use as a last minute gift for someone.  Anyway, if I were at a store and was able to try on everything, here are some of the things I’d look at first.

Anthropologie Sale

$60 – anthropologie.com

Summer t shirt
$20 – anthropologie.com

V neck t shirt
$20 – anthropologie.com

Linen pants
$60 – anthropologie.com

Cotton skirt
$50 – anthropologie.com

$180 – anthropologie.com

$60 – anthropologie.com

Cuff bracelet
$100 – anthropologie.com

$20 – anthropologie.com

Sweet Swirls Measuring Cups
$15 – anthropologie.com
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Sarah Jessica Parker Anthro Style

6 Sep

Get inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker‘s bright style for those formal or casual occasions. This Prabal Gurung dress is from the Fall 2011 collection and showcases a vivid black and white print with red accent trim near the elbows and waist. Steal this look for work or dinner with Anthropologie finds like this Odille sleeveless shift. Replace the black sash with a red one or simply pair it with the red Guinivere cardigan. Accessorize with faux black and white pearls and black peep-toe heels. For a dressed down look, opt for this print trapeze blouse with the cardigan and white trousers or blue jeans and comfy shoes from your closet.

SJP Inspired Prints

Sleeveless shift dress
$98 – anthropologie.com

Joe s trapeze top
$40 – anthropologie.com

Theory short cardigan
$88 – anthropologie.com

Sailor pants
$60 – anthropologie.com

Peep toe shoes
$128 – anthropologie.com

Bib necklace
$150 – anthropologie.com
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