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City vs. Suburbs

28 Mar

I just got back from NYC where I used to live and work when I was still single. It feels great to go back. I almost feel like an alumna that graduated from living in the big city to the next stage in my life – getting married and starting a family.

What’s great about the city is easy access to everything – the shops, restaurants, museums, cultural events, etc. You could walk everywhere and get good exercise or just hop on a bus or subway. The only problem is it’s inconvenient if you have a large purchase or need to lug a bunch of groceries. That’s where suburban living is a plus – you don’t have to hail a taxi (especially in cold, snowy, rainy weather). You could hop in the car and put your heavy purchase in your trunk.

People watching is more interesting in the metropolitan area. You don’t need to look to fashion magazines since the streets are practically a runway. Since many people from around the world tend to flock to urban centers, one gets to see how people dress and present themselves. I notice details from a bold accessory or handbag here to a new shade of spring flats to a colorful trench. In the suburbs, it’s pretty casual. Too casual sometimes. Then again, it’s nice to let the hair down and just be yourself and not get too caught up in vanity and pretentiousness. Baggy sweats and T-shirts rule here.

I’d say the biggest difference is cost of living and living space. Apartment living doesn’t allow for much space for stuff, which could be a plus and a minus. If you’re single, space isn’t a priority since you’re out and about anyway and can hang out at bars, clubs, coffee shops or whatever. You’re not likely to be stuck in an apartment (unless you need to save money for that weekend). If you have a family, it may pose a challenge and you’d need to be creative with your space. Cost of living is muy expensivo but that’s a given.

In the suburbs you’ve got more bang for your buck with housing – more square footage and an actual yard which is ideal if you have active pets or kids. Plus you can garden, plant more trees and be more in touch with nature. The cost of living is lower as well. The only problem is, if you have a lot of space, you may end up becoming a hoarder and bringing more stuff than needed just to fill a space whereas if you live in the city, you’re likely to declutter and get rid of what you don’t need so you could fit everything you need in tiny spaces.