Why DARLING magazine is great for women’s personal growth

29 Dec
DARLING mission statement

DARLING mission statement

I picked up DARLING magazine in the Sale section of Anthropologie expecting it to have your typical aspirational lifestyle photographs and content you could only use in everyday life if you had the money. I mean, I love reading shelter and women’s magazines but my biggest complaint would be that there are too many ads that distract from the stories, too many product placements in pricepoints way beyond what I’m willing to spend and tips I probably wouldn’t use- in essence most women’s magazines are ironically not for the average, everyday woman.

Plus, there are too many impossible standards to live by. How can you not be made to feel inadequate if there’s a bunch of airbrushed size two models in hyperpriced wardrobe in most of the glossy pages.

I was pleasantly surprised that DARLING magazine was not your typical women’s magazine. Don’t get me wrong, the photographs were near perfect and yes slim models were used for some photoshoots. At least they had their clothes on and weren’t super airbrushed and overly provocative like the women portrayed in Cosmo. Well DARLING magazine’s tagline is The Art of Being a Woman. Maybe this is the first real woman’s magazine of it’s kind. How progressive. It makes me want to read more and forget ad sponsored magazines trying to sell me something. This is the first magazine with a real mission statement and authentic voice I’ve found in a long while.


  •     There are no ads or product placement stories so content was coming from an authentic place
  •     There are actually useful tips that you could implement today – like building a capsule wardrobe
  •     Lots of eye candy and beautiful photography that’s inspirational
  •     Stories are positive, empowering and inspirational
  •     Advice comes from people who followed their own advice and show how it worked for them
  •     Great mission statement, sends positive messages to women – read their mission statement
  •     Digital issue ($5) is cheaper than the print issue ($20) – there’s also free content on their site


  •     Print magazine is expensive
  •     Not enough time to read all the content – there’s SO much information
  •     Print magazine is not readily available – could only get it at Anthro or online

Check it out and see for yourself here!


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