How to buy just the things on your shopping list

15 Aug

Lately I’ve not only tried using the 80/20 Rule for paring down the clothing clutter in my wardrobe via Glam Save Style Challenge but also in other areas of my life, including errand shopping. Whether it’s the grocery, farmer’s market, Target or Walmart, I often find myself distracted by attractive aisle displays, sale items or food or products I think I might need later and not what’s actually written on the shopping list on my iPhone Notes app.

Well, today actually felt like a mini-victory as I was able to get just the four things on my list and that’s it! That almost never happens as I always find excuses to put other things in my cart.

What helped were three things.

1. I made it a point to pay cash for this purchase. If I paid credit, I knew I’d be tempted to put more things in my cart.

2. When tempted to put a non-list item in the shopping cart (like a magazine or candy at checkout), I asked myself the following questions:

  • Do I need this item?
  • Will I use this purchase at least 80% of the time?
  • Will this help me on my way to a simpler, minimalist lifestyle?
  • Will this actually help or just add to the clutter?

3. Fortunately Walmart’s setup is more utilitarian than Target’s cool designed layout. Had I been at Target where they have more attractive stuff to put in your cart, I probably would have had to take out the non-list items out of the pushcart once at check out.


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