$4 Kitchenware

9 Nov

It’s rare to find anything cheap at Anthropologie. For those times where I don’t want to leave the store empty handed but am short on cash, I head for the kitchen section or scour their sale section for marked down kitchenware. The Lotus bowl is one of my favorites. I have several of them and find them useful for organizing make-up and toiletries. I also have one at my entry table where I leave my keys. For those items I’ve left the store with but have no use for, I’d always held onto them for future gifts which were almost always a hit.$4 Finds from Anthro Home

Lotus Bowl
$4 – anthropologie.com

Carnival Vase
$3.95 – anthropologie.com

Carnival Vase, Tall
$3.95 – anthropologie.com

Pastoral Canvas Salad plate
$3.95 – anthropologie.com

Pastoral Canvas Dinnerware
$3.95 – anthropologie.com

L’Epice Jar
$4 – anthropologie.com

Pompom Mug
$3.95 – anthropologie.com

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