Travel accessories for less

3 Nov

One could expect a lot of holiday travel this season. With traveling comes packing and personally I prefer to travel light. Rather than stock my luggage with bulky sweaters and jackets, I plan on wearing my heavier outfits, packing only the neutral basics and some accessories.  I’m excited that Anthro’s marked down some accessories.  What I love about accessories is that they take the least amount of luggage space.  I don’t mind having more of them to change out when creating different outfit options.  One day I could wear a necklace with a black or grey top, the next day I could swap it out for a scarf.  The yellow wallet could be used as a clutch rather than a wallet.  As for toiletries, no need to carry around a big perfume bottle when the solid perfume will do – and take up less room of course.

Untitled #14

Leather bag
$50 –

Leather bag
$50 –

Facets jewelry
$20 –

Metal jewelry
$20 –

14k jewelry
$20 –

Slimmer belt
$10 –

Viscose shawl
$80 –

Soap & Paper Factory Solid Perfume
$9.95 –

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